Use the following options to reach desired search results:

Wildcards Definition Example
underscore (_) The underscore (_) can represent any one character. m_net will retrieve “monet”, “manet”, etc.
asterisk (*) The asterisk (*) can represent zero, one, or several characters. ren* will retrieve “rene”, “reni”, “renoir”, “rendering”, “renaissance”, etc.
dollar sign ($) The dollar sign ($) will expand the search to include terms that stem from a given root. $poison will retrieve “poison”, “poisoned”, “poisoning”, “poisonous”, “poisoner”, etc.
Capitalization There is no need to capitalize words in Shared Shelf Commons, even in titles or artists’ names. When searching for Thomas Eakins, simply enter: thomas eakins
Articles You do not need to use articles (a, the, le, la, etc.) before titles or other terms. When searching for “The Judgment of Paris”, you may simply enter: judgment of paris
Exact phrase To search for an exact phrase, put the phrase in quotes (“…”). When searching for the painting “Le Moulin de la Galette” by Renoir, enter: “le moulin de la galette”
Punctuation When searching for phrases or words that include punctuation such as “self-portrait”, you can either use the punctuation or leave it out. The following searches will both yield the same results: self-portrait or self portrait
Word order Unless your search phrase is enclosed with quotation marks (“…”), the order of terms will not affect the search. The following searches will both yield the same results: albrecht durer or durer albrecht