Display Options

Thumbnail size The default view is small thumbnails with a brief caption. To change this to view large thumbnails with a brief data record to to Display options > Display large thumbnails). While viewing small thumbnails, place your mouse over an image thumbnail to see a larger version pop up. Thumbnails per page To change […]

Image Data

Steps to view image data To view the full data record for a desired image, click on the caption beneath a small image thumbnail. OR Click on the caption beneath a small image thumbnail. OR Click View Full Record, to the right of a large image thumbnail. A descriptive data window will open. Click the […]

Using the Image Viewer

Open the Image Viewer Double click the image thumbnail you wish to view. The Image Viewer window will open. Please note: the most common reason the Image viewer fails to load is a pop-up blocker is enabled. Please see our help section on disabling your pop-up blockers. Image Viewer Tools Zoom and pan The first […]

Print an image or image detail

Print a full image or image detail Click (the print icon) to generate a print-out containing the image, its descriptive data, and a brief copyright statement. If you would like to print a detail, zoom and pan first within the image viewer to the desired view, then click the Print icon.

Troubleshooting the Image Viewer

When double-clicking the image thumbnail does nothing: Add as a trusted site and disable popup blockers. If you canot disable the popup blockers in one browser, try a different browser. When the viewer window opens but the image does not load: Try clearing your browser cache. Check that you have Flash installed and updated. […]

Working with images

Select an Image Single-click an image thumbnail to select it. A colored highlight appears around the thumbnail, indicating the selection. Open an image in the Image Viewer Double-click an image thumbnail to view it in the Image Viewer. For more information, see our help section about the Image Viewer. Bring image windows to front In […]

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